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Computer Security Tips&Backup Problems

Computer security is important and one shouldn't take it lightly. Every time you go online without taking any security measure, you're increasing the risk of leaking your private information stored in your computer to an outsider. In this article, I will explain four basic computer security tips that you should know.

New Computer
1)When buying a new computer, it is important for you to turn the firewall on.

2)For example, you're buying a Windows XP operating system computer, what you need to do is turn on the Windows Firewall first before going online.

3)Even though it cannot protect you completely, but it is good enough to protect your PC before you buy a new firewall.

1)Attachments in unknown emails are usually a threat.

2)Never open any attachment from an unknown email. Sometimes, the email subject said something about you getting a greeting card and ask you to click the link inside that email.

3)I've opened this type of email and was attacked by a Trojan horse.

4)Luckily my anti virus aborted the connection.

Update Your Virus Definition
1)Installing an anti virus will not be enough.

2)Constant update is needed so you can receive new virus definition.

3)New threats are being created everyday and updating your virus definition on regular basis is crucial to detect newer threats.

Don't Surf Suspicious Sites
1)Opening a porn site or a warez site will also increase your risk of getting a virus.

2)Application such as cracks and patches from warez sites will also increase your risk.

3)Furthermore, it's illegal.
Using these tips will decrease the risk of getting your private information stolen by an outsider.

4)However, these tips are not enough to protect your computer as this is only a basic computer security tips.

5)Learn more so you can create a virtual wall around your computer.

A Solution to Computer Backup Problems
1)I have only backed up one thing on my computer—my i pod library. This is because my computer suggested that I back up my i pod music.

2)I did it because I had bought numerous songs on i tunes and I wanted to have my songs backed on CDs in case a virus ruined my computer.

3)However, after taking the time to burn a stack of CDs, I decided not to take the time to back up my whole computer because I knew it would take too long.

4)Who wants to sit in front of their computer for a few days to insert CDs and remove burned CDs? However, after my virus protection expired, I decided to look into finding a better back up plan for my computer files.

5)My friend suggested that I buy an external hard drive, but it seemed too expensive on my student budget.

6)I began searching for other options and I found an online backup system that sounded easy to use. Luckily, it was free too! Since I don’t have a lot of time or money,

7)I quickly downloaded the software, installed it, and backed up my files right then.

8)It backed up 2 GB and stored it for as long as I wanted.

9)I decided that I would go to unlimited storage for about $5 per month if I needed to.

10)At first I was a little hesitant about my data being stored on the internet, but there is a private key encryption and a locked file to prevent others from stealing my data (somebody may not want my boring bio paper, but they may think my finances are interesting).

11)After finishing my back up, I spent the rest of the day doing more important tasks rather than burning back up CDs.